Better care and welfare for pet rabbits

The rabbit is the third most popular pet in Denmark. Unfortunately, there is a widespread and misunderstood belief that rabbits require less care and attention than dogs and cats, which often lead families to choose the rabbit when their children want a pet. But in reality, the rabbit is not the easy choice. Animal Protection Denmark has launched an awareness campaign with support from the QATO Foundation.

Targeting Danish families, the campaign sheds light on how rabbits require spacious surroundings, rabbit companions, proper nutrition, and lots of attention to thrive. If the rabbit lives under these circumstances, it makes a wonderful pet in return. 

Recognizing that the majority of rabbit-owners want to give their rabbits a good life, the campaign aims to inform Danes about the needs of rabbits and engage the families in caring for rabbits with the utmost consideration for their needs. 

From 2014 to 2020, the number of rabbits that Animal Protection Denmark has received in their shelters has doubled. Unfortunately, many rabbits often have dental problems due to improper feeding, ear issues, buildup of calcium deposits in the bladder, and obesity when they are surrendered. 

"In our eyes, rabbits are one of the most misunderstood pets. Rabbits are highly intelligent and social animals who reveal themselves as loving, whimsical, mischievous creatures with very distinct personalities, when kept as pets under the right conditions. Unfortunately, many rabbits live a sad life in cages without consideration for their physical and psychological needs, resulting in severe physical injuries and illnesses," says Jens Jokumsen, Animal Protection Denmark.  

Guidelines for better care and welfare for rabbits: 

The QATO Foundation has supported the awareness campaign, which aims to change the Danes´ attitude towards rabbits. Additionally, the campaign provides guidance to rabbit owners and prospective owners on proper care and shows the consequences of improper care. This will contribute to better animal welfare for rabbits. 

The campaign ran from February to April 2022 with good results and broad coverage. The campaign continues on Animal Protection Denmark’s website, where the content is still used to educate people on how to achieve good rabbit welfare through proper care. 

About the project and QATO Foundation's support: 

Organization: Animal Protection Denmark 

Project Name: The Rabbit – Denmark's Most Misunderstood Pet 

Project Duration: 2021-2022 

What does QATO Foundation's support go towards?: 

  • QATO Foundation's support for Animal Protection Denmark contributes to the implementation of the campaign. 
  • QATO Foundation's support helps inform more Danes about how to create good welfare for pet rabbits through proper care and attention.