Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? Please read the QATO Foundation's FAQ below for the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you were looking for please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

FAQ and answers

When is the application deadline in the QATO Foundation?
There is no deadline as such for submitting applications to the QATO Foundation. We process incoming applications at four annual board meetings, so you should anticipate up to three to four months response time.
What can I apply for support for?
You can apply for support for projects which promote animal welfare. – And we have a special focus on animals that are mistreated in human custody. Read more about the QATO Foundation’s support areas via the link below.
Support areas
Can I receive support for a project outside of Denmark?
It is secondary to the QATO Foundation where in the world that the animals are located. If they are in need of help, and you have the project that can help them, then your chances are therefore just as good as projects for animals in Denmark. We are, however, very attentive that all projects should be carried out with great respect for the local population, the local natural environment, etc. – So, you should, to your advantage, explain how you have taken this into consideration in your project.
Can I receive support for a project which can help natural-living, wild animals – that is, animals not in human custody?
Natural-living, wild animals are not the QATO Foundation’s primary focus area, but we support, to some extent, good projects within this category. If you have a good project which deals with wild animals, you are therefore welcome to send in an application. If you are still in doubt, you can always contact the foundation’s secretariat for help and advice.
The QATO Fund is a non-profit foundation – what does that mean?
It means that we cannot support projects that accommodate political, economic, or business interests.
If I am in doubt about whether or not my project can receive support, what can I do?
If you have not found the answer to your question here on our homepage, you are always welcome to contact the foundation’s secretariat.
How big an amount can I apply for?
There is neither a maximum nor a minimum limit for how big an amount that you can apply for. We fully recognise that many good projects can be implemented for relatively small amounts, while other projects require a completely different scale of economic support. You can choose whether you are applying for under or over DKK 50,000 in our application system. This is because we have a few more requirements for documentation in connection with more major projects.
Can I apply for support for a part of a project?
You can happily apply for support for a part of a project. If it is a project which requires a large amount of funding, it can even be an advantage. You should just describe the following in your application and attached budget: How large is the overall budget; how much is the amount that is being applied for from the QATO Foundation, what the amount from the QATO Foundation is being used for in the project, and that the remainder of the costs for the project are covered and, if possible, by whom.
How likely am I to obtain support?
The QATO Foundation receives many applications – and more than we can accommodate positively. This means that even good applications for relevant projects can find that they do not obtain support.
Will I always receive the amount that I apply for?
No, not necessarily. Sometimes we will provide a grant to your project. Depending on the character of the project, this grant can be given as a commitment to support you on the condition that you will succeed in raising the remaining funds by other means so that the project can be completed in its entirety.
Can one receive a reason for the rejection of one’s project?
We do not give an individual reason for a refusal of an application.
How does one receive an answer to an application?
You will receive an e-mail from the QATO Foundation when we have processed your application.
What should I do myself if I am awarded a grant?
If your project is awarded a grant, you will receive a letter of funding, and the amount awarded will be paid into your account. If, in the meantime, you have changed your account, you must, immediately after you have received the letter of funding, contact the QATO Foundation’s secretariat. In addition, you will also receive our guidelines, which we require you to read and follow during the project. Amongst other things, you must, in major projects, send in a final report.
I have discovered a mistake or a deficiency in my application. What should I do?
If you wish to make changes to an application which you have already sent in, you should contact the QATO Foundation’s secretariat. Your application will be deleted from our application system, after which you can go in and correct your application. You do not need to begin again, because everything is still there when you log in. You should just correct the mistake and resend it.