The QATO Foundation is a non-profit organisation

We work to ensure and promote animal welfare

We have a special focus on animals in human custody

The QATO Foundation believes that all animals should have a possibility of living a life with good animal welfare, and we have a special focus on animals that are not thriving in human custody.


We work for that these animals can have a better life with care, respect, and a possibility that they can pursue their natural behaviour.


The QATO Foundation is a non-profit organisation and was founded in 2012 by Signe and Thomas Kirk Kristiansen.

Our name hides a story…

We are often asked what QATO stands for in our name.

Qato is the name of the dog which you can see in the picture, and the foundation was founded in his memory. He was a highly loved and honoured family dog.

The QATO Foundation pays special attention to being present where contact between humans and animals causes poor animal welfare.

Signe Kirk Kristiansen
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Our Board

Signe Kirk Kristiansen

Signe Kirk Kristiansen is the founder of the QATO Foundation and the chairwoman of the board. Signe is a trained veterinary nurse. In addition to the post of chairwoman in the QATO Foundation, she also sits on the board of the charitable Foundation, Ole Kirk’s Fond.

Simon Vølund

Simon Vølund is Deputy Foreman in the QATO Foundation. In addition, Simon is a specialist veterinarian and a former administrative director at Odense Animal Hospital, Anicura.

Anne-Mette Juhl Jensen

Anne-Mette Juhl Jensen is a Board Member of the QATO Foundation. In addition, Anne-Mette is a trained veterinary nurse and Head of Clinic at Morud animal hospital.


The QATO Foundation has a small secretariat, which is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the foundation.

Christina Fevejle Nielsen

Christina Fevejle Nielsen is the grants & administration manager of the QATO Foundation and is responsible for the day to day operation. Christina has an interdisciplinary education in biology and communication and came to the QATO Foundation in 2018.

If you contact the QATO Foundation you will get in touch with Christina.