We support both large projects and the enthusiast with a special, heartfelt project

Our experience tells us that good projects come in all shapes and sizes.

When animals are not thriving in human custody

The QATO Foundation primarily supports projects which promote the welfare of pets and other animals which live closely together with people.


Animals that are not thriving in human custody have a special place within the foundation.


The causes of poor animal welfare can be many, and therefore we know that the solutions can likewise be many and varied. It is therefore at the heart of the QATO Foundation to support both large projects and the enthusiast with a special, heartfelt case.

Who, what, & where

Which animals are in focus?

It is a special responsibility when we humans take on the ownership and care of an animal. For many reasons, we do not always live up to this responsibility. It is here that the QATO Foundation wishes to be present: Where the meeting between people and animals causes poor animal welfare. 


Therefore, the QATO Foundation’s work is concentrated on pets, working animals, stray pets, and wild animals which we humans take into our custody.


In addition to this primary focus, we also, in some cases, support natural, wild animal life.

What do we support?

The QATO Foundation supports both large and small projects. Some projects will be for the benefit of many animals; other projects will help a few.


We wish to contribute towards long-term and long-lasting projects which improve the welfare of animals, and we recognise that the road to there can be long. Therefore, we also support projects which can improve welfare for animals that need help here and now.

Who and where do we offer support?

The QATO Foundation supports both large organisations and enthusiasts with a special project close to their hearts. It is not crucial to us where in the world the animals live, or where in the world that the project is based.


We, therefore, support both projects which are focused on animals in Denmark and projects for animals outside of Denmark’s borders. This can be via Danish organisations which have both a Danish and international focus, or it can be via direct support to foreign organisations.


The QATO Foundation recognises that better animal welfare has many facets and therefore requires many, diverse efforts, including cooperation between many actors, where fellowship makes everyone stronger.

We do not support

The QATO Foundation is a non-profit and charitable foundation. This means that projects must be for the benefit and happiness of many. There are, however, a number of areas which the foundation does not normally support.


  • Political parties
  • Private persons who wish to take an education which does not have professional but only financial admission requirements
  • The financial support of Individuals
  • Sponsorships or projects with a commercial focus


Do you have a question? Please read the QATO Foundation's FAQ for the frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you were looking for please contact us. We would love to help.